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About me
Victoria . 18 . Senior . Single . New York . Tauras . love

In a short time such as 18 years I have experienced and gone through a lot of hard times. I've experience true love and heart break at a very young age and it has changed me ever since. I haven't been in a relationship since then and don't know when I will again. At the moment my main goal is to forgive and move on and to live my life to its full intent.

Random Fact 1 : I'll be attending Iona College in the fall.
Random Fact 2 : I have 4 Cats.
Random Fact 3 : I am a concert junkie.

My obsessions
i love Music like linkin park, Blink-182, Falling in Reverse, 3OH!3, pierce the veil, three days grace, of mice & men, eminem, owl city, Bring me the Horizon, Black Veil Brides, A Day to Remember, Fall Out Boy & a lot more.
This Song Makes Me Laugh

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